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The FEI Nations Cup Event Kicks Off in Poland

The FEI Nations Cup Event Kicks Off in Poland

The FEI Nations Eventing Cup series will kick off in Poland this year with the Strzegaom Horse Trials. The trials will run from 27 June through 1 July 2018.

The Eventing Cup series is open to all nations, with one team of 3-4 riders competing in each leg. The competition will run under CICO and CCIO3 level rules.

In addition to Poland, several other countries will also be hosting legs of the event, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, the United States and France. The final will be held in Boekelo, Holland in October so we will expect horse air tranpsort companies to be busy this time of year.

Last year’s Strzegom Horse Trials saw 239 riders representing 18 countries and nearly 270 horses.

The trials were previously held in conjunction with the FEI World Cup Eventing Series, but a format change in 2012 launched the FEI Nations Cup Eventing Series. The Strzegom Trials have been part of the Nations Cup since it was launched. The only exception was 2013 due to poor weather conditions.

This year’s trials will be held nearly a month after last year’s event, but will once again take place at the 14 Pułk Ułanów Jazłowieckich Hippodrome in Morawa.

Horses have long been a part of Strzegom’s history. It was here that the Strzegom Horse Stud was founded in the 1950s, specializing in breeding the Silesian horse and Thoroughbreds.

FEI Nations Cup EventingLocated in the Lower Silesia region of southwest Poland, Strzegom has been settled since the 10th century. Rich in history, the town boasts several cultural and historical attractions. Spectators will also enjoy dramatic views of the old mountains and architecture, including the Church of Peace, the Minor Basilica and the Ksaiz Castle.

Along with the trials themselves, spectators can enjoy carriage rides, pony rides and a pony show.

Many of the world’s top eventing riders will participate in the program.

The 2018 Strzegom Horse Trials four-day event will include:

  • Thursday: Dressage (CCI3*, CICO3-part 1, CIC2*-part 1, CIC1-part 1, CCI2-part 1)
  • Friday: Dressage (CICO3-part 2, CIC2*-part 2, CIC1-part 2, CCI2-part 2)
  • Saturday: Cross country (CC1, CCI2, CICO3, CCI3), Jumping (CIC2*, CIC1*, CNC P-105cm, CNC L-100cm), Dressing (CNC L-100cm)
  • Sunday: Cross country (CIC2*, CIC1*, CNC P-105cm, CNC L-100cm), Jumping (CCI1, CCI2, CICO3, CCI3)

In last year’s event, Karin Donckers of Belgium took first place in the CCI3 event riding Fletcha Van ‘t Verahof, with Merel Blom of the Netherlands taking second riding Rumour Has It N.o.p. Eveline Bodenmuller of Switzerland took third place riding Waldmann.

In the CIC2 event, Kai Ruder of Germany took first place riding Coin Toss, while Elmar Lesch, also of Germany, took second riding Lanzelot 113. Rebecca-Juana Gerken of Germany took third place riding Scipio S.

In the CIC1 event, Janet Wiesner of Germany took first place riding Fst Golden Joy, while Noora Cederberg of Finland took second riding Tilda V. Julia Elzanowska of Poland took third riding Lucky Comeback.

This year’s events will see more of the world’s top riders. The opening ceremony will give nations a chance to present their teams. The presentation will be followed by an equestrian-themed show with lights and music.

Polish Rowing Teams Qualify for 2016 Summer Olympics

Polish Rowing Teams Qualify for 2016 Summer Olympics

Poland is sending eight boats for each rowing class to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Polish athletes demonstrated exceptional rowing skills during 2016 European & Final Qualification Regatta.

The trials took place in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The women’s pair, consisting of the Wierzbowska sisters, also finished the race with a top tour finish that allowed them to qualify for the event. In total, the men qualified for four events, and the women qualified for four events.

The men’s events for Poland include: Single sculls, quadruple sculls, lightweight double sculls and eight. Women will be participating in the following events: Pair, double sculls, quadruple sculls and lightweight sculls.

Many of the participants were seen on rowing machines prior to getting in the water to warm up for the qualifying event.

Poland athletes have performed exceptionally well in rowing events recently. The country took home the silver medal in the 2016 World Rowing Cup I and has a top 5 finish in the European Championship.

Poland will be bringing the same crew that defeated the United States team at the worlds and lost to them in the B final to the qualifier round.

Australia teams performed poorly during the qualifier rounds and did not make it in for an eight team to the group’s surprise. Poland will feature a strong eight team, with veterans leading the way.

Poland was in first during the qualifier, with Australia closely behind before other teams outpaced the Aussies to overtake them. Italy will also not be in Rio, with the team missing placement by less than a half a second in a close race.

Qualifying rounds started in August 2015 for teams. The long qualifying rounds allowed the Polish teams to meld together. Many athletes have been performing together for years, allowing Poland to hold a competitive edge over the competition.